GRP and Fibreglass Grating Products

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Fibreglass Grating products have become a viable replacement for many traditionally metal items such as galvanised grating and stair platforms and industrial flooring. There are many advantages that Fibreglass Grating has over metallic materials. Fibreglass Grating does not corrode, it is easier to work with, requires no painting, and can incorporate abrasive substances to reduce slips, quite apart from being easier to work with than metals.

The Grating Company has been trading since 2001 and has developed an unrivalled knowledge of Fibreglass Grating Products. As a fibreglass grating company we can supply the complete range of high performance composite products, such as, fibreglass grating, GRP platforms and GRP stairs, fibreglass stair treads and fibreglass stair tread covers, fibreglass marina decking, embedment angle, solid fibreglass plate, fibreglass floor lining, structural GRP profiles, GRP grating, fibreglass flooring products, GRP ladders and fibreglass rung covers.

Our in house capabilities enable us to fabricate complex GRP structures that have significant advantages over legacy steel alternatives..

If you are considering a construction project using fibre glass products please contact us for technical assistance

Product and Services Overview

  1. Off the shelf grating and GRP products
  2. Cutting service
  3. CAD design
  4. Onsite delivery and installation
  5. Supply of bolts brackets fixtures and fittings

Product, Application Image Library

We have a full image library to illustrate our products and how these can be applied in the workplace. Please click on the image to go to our image library.


Bridging Ladders, Off Road, 4X4
Even off-road 4x4 vehicles can occasionally become stuck or bogged down in muddy, sandy or rugged conditions. Bridging ladders have been used for many years by off-road vehicle owners but it is only recently that modern materials and manufacturing methods have enabled us to produce stronger, lighter and better value versions. 
The Grating Company uses the latest high strength, low weight fibreglass to provide a bridging ladder which is ideal for a large number of off-road situations. The Grating Company bridging ladder is a fraction of the weight of its metal equivalent and offers an extended life with no corrosion problems.  


GRP Stair Tread Covers and Nosing


We stock a range of antislip GRP Stair Treads, covers and GRP Stair Nosing. Click here to go to the Stair Tread section of the website.

Cutting and Fabrication


Our production department will be pleased to cut and fabricate GRP products to your requirements. Please  contact us to discuss your order.

GRP Marina Decking - Antislip, low maintenance


We supply a range of GRP sheet fibreglass gratings suitable for applications such as marina decking and pontoon decking. The GRP grating grid is much tighter on the top surface to prevent items falling through, but obviously it is still able allow liquids to pass through, whilst incorporating a high friction anti-slip surface.